Save thousands doing what you already do.

Leave when you want and go where you go. Just offer rides on your way and turn your empty seats into cash. See your savings add up!

iCarpool connects you with riders going your way at the same time. Carpool with your neighbors and co-workers as you zip around in that carpool lane and get paid for each ride you give. Make new friends. And by carpooling, you can feel proud to be helping out local issues of traffic congestion and air quality.

No extra driving or detours needed. Riders join along your route at locations you choose.

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Driver Saves Commute Cost By Carpooling

We make carpooling flexible, fun and easy!

  • - No fixed commitments. Choose whether to drive or not for each trip. You're always in control.
  • - No fixed schedules. Leave when you want.
  • - No fixed group. Meet new people. Go with neighbors and colleagues going your way at the same time.
  • - No more IOUs. When you give rides, the App charges each rider a small fee for their ride. You get a portion of the fee automatically.

Fixed Schedule Carpool Flexible, iCarpool
You're committed to leaving at the agreed upon time. You leave when you want.
You have to carpool on your way to work and on your way back. Choose to carpool just one way? No problem!
If your carpool partner is late, you're late too. Nobody's late.
If your carpool partner is not going, you're in it alone. There's no fixed carpool partner. Match with folks going your way and go it together.
Cancellation fees, penalties, money transactions are a hassle. Our drivers are commuters, not in the business of transportation. There are no penalties.

How It Works

Giving rides is easy. Meeting people is fun. And saving money is just smart! iCarpool finds people near you who are going the same way at the same time so you can carpool in a matter of minutes. Here's how it works.

Once you are an approved driver, use the App and add trips you will commonly make. For example, one trip for your morning commute and one trip for your evening commute. On each trip you make, if you want to carpool, use the steps below.

1. Launch the App

A few hours before your trip - launch the App and start accepting ride requests. Riders will now be able to find your trip and book a ride.

2. Review Ride Requests

Review the list of riders who have booked a ride on your trip and note their pickup stop.

3. Start Your Trip

Start the trip in the App and start driving. Make your way to the pickup stop to pick up the rider.

Driver Offering Rides During Commute

4. Pick Up Riders

At the pickup stop, the rider will show you their boarding pass. Mark the pickup in the App. The rider will let you know which stop works for drop-off.

5. Drop Off Riders

Once you arrive at the drop-off stop, the rider will leave. Mark the drop-off in the App.

6. Get Paid

When you finish your trip, the system will automatically add the appropriate credits to your account using cashless payments.

Check your eligibility:

A clean and well maintained car

An iPhone or Android Phone

No serious at fault incidents on your driving record for the past 3 years

Complete eligibility criteria is listed here: Driver Requirements

To apply:


Download the iCarpool App and sign up. Set your profile image and employer.


Fill out the driver signup form:
Driver Signup Form


Once your application is approved, you will be notified.


We're committed to making carpooling super easy and flexible, so that you can offer rides on every trip you take when you have empty seats in your car. Here are some of the things we do to help with this goal.

On Your Way

Each pickup or drop-off you make is at a stop on your route chosen by you. Unlike other services, iCarpool drivers never make an unforeseen deviation to an unknown place that could lead to a maze of one-ways, long route or heavy traffic.

On Your Schedule

Enjoy the freedom your car provides. Leave when you want and go where you want. You never have to change your schedule or wait for anybody. iCarpool's precision matching will connect you with riders going your way at the same time.

Cashless Payments

Instant, cashless credits are added to your account as soon as the ride is completed. We do all the work of calculations with regard to distance, number of riders, etc. As your savings add up, prepare to enjoy that vacation you planned!


People who use iCarpool are probably your colleagues and neighbors who want to meet new people and make new friends. Turn that boring solo commute into a social and rewarding experience.


You've got the power to influence the community. You rate riders after every ride just as riders rate drivers. Ratings are another way we promote reliability and safety.

Casual, Friendly

No penalties and no cancellation fees. Every feature of iCarpool is designed towards casual, friendly carpooling.